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Building Biblical Community

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

When in 1998 I stopped fighting God and gave my life to Him, the very first thing He told me was that I was going back to my people to share the message with them. I knew that my destiny was to speak to the Jewish people on God’s behalf about His Messiah. Then I believe God made me a couple of promises and one of them was that I would see revival amongst the Jewish community in Toronto. All these years later, we’re still working to see that promise fulfilled.

The Jewish population of Toronto is about 200,000 and is one of the 10 largest in the world. It is a very close knit community, and wields a lot of power and influence. Being called to share the Messiah with it is similar to David taking on Goliath and yet, the burden that God has given me for these people is overwhelming sometimes. The Apostle Paul said that his heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they would be saved. I too have that burden and it drives my every waking moment. I have lost many family members, including holding my own mother in my arms, to an eternity without hope. Seeing your people walk in darkness, condemned is a terrible thing to watch, and so much more so when the they have access to the truth but deny it. The Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God and yet most reject this love letter God gave to them. That is why it is so hard to reach them. The Lord has given them everything He could and yet they still refuse to see.

As we continue to try and reach the city of Toronto through relationship building and of course through the establishment of the prototype congregation in Peterborough (Ruach HaEmet – Spirit of Truth), we are trying to model the community given to us in Acts 2:42 “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” I have several Jewish friends whom I am trying to reach with the truth but it takes time. Several of them I have been ministering to for years. Meal after meal and coffee after coffee, we share our lives with each other. They listen, ask questions, argue, disagree and we come back and do it all over again. We do have some people respond right away. One friend gave his life to the Lord after our first conversation and his wife got saved the next year almost to the day. It’s great but not something that should be expected. The Jewish people have been conditioned for 2000 years to reject their Messiah through lies and persecution. However, we do know that if we persevere, God will provide the increase as He has many who are waiting for the truth to come to them.

If I am going to see the revival God promised me, we are going to have to get more people involved in developing a healthy, vibrant and loving community that will provoke Jews and Gentiles to desire to belong to it. Through your prayers, financial gifts and worshipping with us to learn how to share your faith with Jewish people, we together can demonstrate God’s love to them. I have committed my life to this endeavour and my prayer is that you will join me. My people need you.

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