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Closing The Deal

In 1Cor 12, we see the Body of Messiah is called so because we truly do operate as a body. Every person is like a different part that has a unique function which is interrelated with all the others. Even in evangelism people have different roles to play. Sha’ul (Paul) says in 1 Cor 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was giving the growth.” When we sow the seeds of the gospel, others step into our work and we into others. Many of the people I have led to the Lord over the years have been during my first encounter with them and as often is the case, I never see or hear from them again. This might seem to go against what the Great Commission says which is to go make disciples (not converts), immerse (baptize them) and teach them all He commanded us to do. I often don’t have the opportunity to do that. It seems God has called me as an evangelist to close the deal that others have been working on before. Someone may have shared the gospel before, or been praying for this person or just been a godly witness to provoke him or her to jealousy. Each has his own gifting and her own role to play.

Although unusual, this calling is not unprecedented. In Acts 8, Phillip is instructed by an angel to intercept the Ethiopian eunuch and explain to him who Isa 53, which he was reading at the time was talking about. After sharing the gospel with him, the eunuch professes Yeshua as the Son of God and they stop to baptize him. As soon as he comes up out of the water, Phillip is whisked away by the Holy Spirit. He was only there to close the deal.

It is great to know that “each will receive his reward according to his own labour” (1 Cor 3:8). We just need to look for those opportunities that He presents us with and to be found faithful with them. If we do, our blessing will come.

Rabbi Darryl

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